Wayne’s Wildlife World

The Wayne National Forest in Southeast Ohio is home to many species of wildlife. The Forest is located on three sections of land, one north of Athens, one north of Marietta, and the other north of Ironton, in the southern-most point of the state. If you haven’t been out to Ohio’s only National Forest, now is a great time to get out and explore.


Several signs stating “Entering Wayne National Forest: US Department of Agriculture” are located on major roads and walkways. Image from buckeyeforestcouncil.org.

There are over 300 miles of trails visitors can use to hike, mountain bike, horseback ride, or ATV ride. Visitors are allowed to fish, with a fishing license, in any of the lakes, streams, and ponds within the Forest. The Wayne National Forest website states there are “45 species of mammals, 158 bird species, 28 reptilian, 29 amphibian, and 87 fish”. Chances are, visitors will have luck spotting some wildlife.


The three locations of the Wayne National Forest. Image from fs.usda.gov.

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